Thursday, September 15, 2011

colombia famous places::My stomach did not hold enough food to go for a second round colombia famous places

colombia famous places colombia famous places::My stomach did not hold enough food to go for a second round.
During dinner three out of five of us had complete foodgasms with the rest following suit at dessert.
The food was so delicious that i threw up when i got home just so i could experience the meal again.
I got a great lobster pasta and the others got a good salmon and pork dish.
We also indulged in scrumptious appetizers and a mind blowing ice cream dessert!
I will be talking about this place until the end of time!
Everyone at the table cleaned their plates!
Before i leave colombia i will return to armadillo.
Too slow, more geared towards adults, poor attention to detail, forgetfulness of server, and no choice to their tip.
However, it took forever to get our food served.
They apologized profusely, but there was no show of manager or anyone higher in chain of command to make it any better.
After an hour and a half, food was good.
Then came time for desert not really into that much.
Asked for herbal tea which he forgot and never served.
Certainly fun, lots of unusual characters walking around the restaurant and making it rather funny.
Not a single one.
I ate there in july 2000 and am still raving about it.
Specially the beef and seafood.
The bar is amazing!
All kinds amazing quality wines.
I highly recommend it.
I loved the atmosphere!
The waiters were super duper nice!
I recommend that every one go there!

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