Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mr mr. green jeans toronto

mr. green jeans toronto mr. green jeans toronto::Ha ha ha ha ha.
I was just craving some of these today.
Although not necessarily by that name.
You should link these to tailgating time at okk.
Ha, what a name!
I never understood that name either.
Maybe if you eat too many of them it feels like, uh, nevermind.
But i do know i love them!
Problem is, i can eat far too many of them too.
Should i tell her what they are called?
Nope, just abt will do.
This may be the perfect appetizer for tomorrow nights mnnday night game, raiders v denver.
I just made some applewood smoked bacon and i have home grown jalapenoss.
What better way to see my home team tank themselves in front of a national audience.
You can send any of those little torpedos directly to my mouth, an explosion i will gladly deal with!
My coordinates are 4408.
Second block facing east.
They look delicious chris.
The sante fe chiles are shaped like a jalpeno but they are yellow to red, about twice the size, and have less heat.
The name aside, these really do look magical!
I love that name!
These are a personal fave of mine and yours look fantastic.
And i love that spoon!
They look awesome to me!
I also really, really love that wooden serving dish.
Haha, never heard of them, but i really want to try them now.
A crowd pleaser for sure!
Ok, first of all, the name.
With four boys in the family, that could get crazy fast.
I like built in timers.
I have hesitated to even try making it, because no one seems to have a recipe they just adore.
Yours sounds really good.
Rod in florida said.
Great pictures and great recipe.
Also seen them with little smokey cocktail weenies nestled in over the cream cheese.
Forwarding to friend for party menu.

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